"Nothing to Lose" is the authorized biopic of Edir Macedo,

the founder and spiritual leader of The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God worldwide and owner of RecordTV in Brazil.


Based on the books of the eponymous trilogy, the film “Nothing to Lose” tells the life story Edir Macedo, a man who overcame obstacles and turmoil in pursuit of his conviction.

Film Reviews

 "My husband and I went to see Nothing to Loose with two other friends and we all enjoyed the movie and the inspirational messages in it. I originally went with low expectations thinking it was another low budget religious film- but I was quickly impressed by the nice quality production that it was. The scenes were beautifully done, I enjoyed the acting, and it had an up-lifting positive message that just made you feel better. It was very interesting to see how the church was born throughout all the economic turmoil, the daily struggles of the working class and the very poor people, and the all political in-fighting. We are looking forward to seeing part two! "-Elizabeth Kemph, Georgia 

 "The movie left me feeling inspired and motivated to continue despite the struggles of life. This story touches deep inside the soul and reminds us all to never accept no for an answer. The film shows us to never look at the problem we are facing, but instead to look at our ultimate goal. If God is the one guiding us, there is no way we can fail.It's a must-see film for anyone going through struggles, finding themselves in front of continuous road-blocks, or simply lost in the multitude of thoughts crowding their mind. I can only remember how through every struggle and every "no" that was said, God said, "Yes!" I can't wait to see what part 2 has to show us next!" -Lyanne Ricardo, California

 "The movie was very inspirational and had a very strong impact on new viewers. On Sunday when I finished watching the movie, I came across a lady I never met, she came up to me asked me for the name of movie again, but was in tears of joy. She hugged me and was moved by the strong message of the film Nothing to Lose. I believe every effort to make this film was worth it." -Leopoldo Gonzalez, New Jersey

Film Length:
130 Minutes
Screenplay by:
Stephen Lindsay 
Directed by:
Alexandre Avancini
Produced by:
Douglas Tavolaro


Pedro Cardillo


Production Designer by:

Frederico Pinto



Costume Designer:

Cristina Camargo



Emi Sato and Tayce Vale


Sound Director:

Jorge Rezende


Music by:

Otávio de Moraes

Film Editing by:

Francisco Antunes and PH Farias

Post Production Supervision:

Karina Vanes


Visual Effects Supervisor:

Marco Prado

Casting by:

Renata Kalman

Executive Production:

Renata Rezende

Content Director:

Cristiane Cardoso