Petrônio Gontijo and Day Mesquita star “Nothing to Lose”. Both actors previously worked together as cast members in the film version of the Brazilian novel “Os Dez Mandamentos” (The Ten Commandments), which received three nominations in the Seoul International Drama Awards of 2016 in the categories of Best Novel, Best Director and Best Writer. The novel was also nominated for the Shorty Awards, the world's largest social networking award in the category "Television".


In the biopic, Petrônio Gontijo plays the leading role of Edir Macedo, the founder and worldwide spiritual leader of The Universal Church.  Day Mesquita gives life to the role as Edir Macedo’s wife, Ester Bezerra.  To prepare for his role and understand the story, Gontijo stated that he had to read the complete trilogy of “Nothing to Lose” which formed the foundation of the script.  Meanwhile, Day Mesquita said that she met with Ester, whom she portrays, on a day in which she was present on the set of the film.

The 46-year marriage and family life of Edir and Ester are two of the highlights of the featured film, which depicts the trajectory of Edir Macedo from childhood to the present day. The two leading actors revealed that the filming lasted about five months. However, over the course of four months, they underwent an intense process, which included costume and makeup preparation. For Day, "Nothing to Lose" is a love story. "It's a film that speaks of faith, confidence and adversity," the actor added.

The Cast

Petronio Gontijo
as Edir Macedo
Dalton Vigh
as Judge Ramos
Day Mesquita
as Ester Bezerra
Giovanna Chaves
as Cristiane Cardoso
Beth Goulart
as Geninha
Beth Goulart
as Geninha
Joana Rodrigues
as Viviane Freitas

The Movie