Nothing to Lose Premieres in Beverly Hills, California

The Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills, California was honored with the presence of the main Actor, Petronio Gontijo and the director, Alexandre Avancini of the film ‘Nothing to Lose’.

'Nothing to Lose' reached approximately 2.3 million viewers in its first weekend premiere in its country of origin, Brazil and with over 74,000 tickets sold in the USA. 


Evangelical film "Nada a Perder" tops Spielberg

at the global box office

Steven Spielberg's dystopian thrill ride "Ready Player One" may have topped all other films at the global box office on Easter weekend, but it had to settle for a distant second in Latin America's biggest country. Source:


"Nothing to Lose" was released in Brazil

and after one week, it reached a

10-point star rating on IMDb!

After its release in Brazilian theaters, "Nothing to Lose" reached a 10-point star rating with more than 15,000 reviews at Internet Movie Data base (IMDb). IMDb is the world's most popular source for movies with more than 250 million visitors per month who can search over 4 million movies. 

With so many positive ratings, "Nothing to Lose" has the chance to be on the list of the 250 greatest films of all times. 


The film "Nothing to Lose" is launched in more than

1,000 exhibition rooms and it excites the public

Film of the life story of Bishop Edir Macedo, founder of The Universal Church, launched in Brazilian theaters on Thursday March 29, 2018

"Nothing to Lose" (Nada a Perder) the biopic of the life of Edir Macedo, founder and worldwide leader of The Universal Church, premiered in Brazil on Thursday, March 29th, 2018. The production appeared in more than 1,000 exhibition rooms throughout the country.


In São Paulo, spectators rushed to attend the premiere showing of “Nothing to Lose”.  Among them were Aline Oliveira, 36, and Carlos Alberto, 37. The couple, who viewed the film at The Mall at Eldorado, were thrilled with the story. "The film has taught us not to give up, he never gave up," Alberto said, adding that, "the prison was the strongest scene, justice wanted society to turn against him and yet he was strong." 

At the Bourbon Shopping center, the administrative assistant, Patricia dos Santos, 26, highlighted the message of overcoming life’s obstacles that marked the trajectory of Edir Macedo, as interpreted by Petrônio Gontijo. "He teaches that we must fight for what we want, no matter what battles we face, we are able to conquer," she said.

In describing the film as "fantastic" and "extraordinary", the manicurist, Simone Silva, 40, said the film "went way beyond the book." "I am now able to imagine the passages of his life in a clearer way," she said, "as a teaching of perseverance and the chance to renew our faith.”

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The poster of the film "Nothing to Lose" turned into a spot for photos at the malls in Brazil 

Solidarity project of the film “Nothing to Lose” took hope to people without access to theaters

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Traveling bus project and prisoners at the Provisional Detention Center (CDP) viewing the premiere of the film "Nothing to Lose"

Do you know that 50% of the Brazilian population has never been to the movies? 


In light of this fact, ‘Nothing to Lose’ launched an innovative project taking the film to hospitals, nursing homes, prisons and cities without cinemas. As part of the traveling premiere bus project, the first location to hold a premier release of the film “Nothing to Lose” was the Provisional Detention Center (CDP) in São Paulo, Brazil. Nearly one thousand inmates viewed the movie. 


The viewers cried, had fun, and applauded the film "Nothing to Lose" at the theaters

The mayor of São Paulo, João Doria, with Bia Doria

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From left to right: The director Alexandre Avancini, Day Mesquita, Petrônio Gontijo, André Gonçalves, Camila Czerkes e Giovanna Chaves

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Movie director of the film "Nothing to Lose", Alexandre Avancini

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The film “Nothing to Lose” had its national premiere on Tuesday, March 27 at the Bradesco Theater in São Paulo. The biopic excited and engaged the audience, who laughed, cried and applauded the film directed by Alexandre Avancini.  At the Bradesco Theater, celebrities, community leaders and honored guests, occupied 1,413 seats.